Open Forum

Sutradhar initiated the Open forum series in 1996. At the forum we invite 2-4 speakers to present their work to the public. This provides an opportunity to look at current initiatives on issues ranging from crèches, anganwadis and preschool pedagogies to arts education and play therapy.

Why the forum

The educational community is diverse, with few opportunities for interaction. The Open forum seeks to foster dialogue and understanding between parents and teachers, researchers and practitioners, as well as government and non-governmental groups. Efforts are made to ensure media coverage on these issues so that a wider audience can be informed and engaged.

Sutradhar has also organised 3-day national seminars, on folk toys and early childhood.

Open forum on play therapy in hospitals, May 28, 2009
Open forum on crèches, June 6, 2008
Open forum on anganwadis, Aug 6, 2007