The impact of learning materials is greater when teachers learn how to use them. Teacher development workshops are organised by Sutradhar to promote interactive ways of teaching and learning using a variety of resources. Learning materials range from no-cost resources like sand and water to low-cost resources made from waste materials. They also include teaching aids and kits designed by educators.

Sutradhar identifies resource persons with subject expertise and teacher training skills. 4 to 6 workshops are held every year between June and December.

These are designed for preschool, primary school and special educators. Workshops are also designed in response to the specific needs of non-profit organisations working in early learning.

Some workshops teach skills – making and using puppets, or using games and stories in the classroom. Others show how subjects like mathematics or Hindi can be taught in a more interactive and thoughtful manner, using manipulatives or kits.

For special educators, Sutradhar has held workshops on infant stimulation; movement therapy; and making toys for children with special needs in collaboration with UNESCO.

Workshops are offered at subsidy for NGOs working with marginalised groups. Accommodation can be arranged for outstation participants on request. Please contact us if you wish to be on our mailing list, or require a workshop on a specific topic.

Imagine that! An active science workshop, Oct 23, 2009
Make a song and dance: eurhythmics workshop, Aug 21-22, 2009
All eyes and all ears: storytelling workshop, Aug 29-30, 2008