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Primary math kit -level 2

The Primary math kit introduces activity-based math for primary classes. Many of the activities in the kit are centred around manipulatives and teaching and learning materials (TLM) that are designed to enable a child to learn through hands-on experience. The TLMs are particularly effective in classrooms where children are at different levels of understanding.     

The Primary Math Kit comprises 2 levels.

Level 1: Nursery - Class 2
Level 2: Class 3 - Class 5

Level 2: Class 3 - Class 5
The kit has 11 materials including number catchers, number scrabble, Dienes’ blocks, balance, 2 fraction kits, Jodo straws and Geoboard. Children learn tables, grouping, addition with carry over, subtraction by borrowing, place value, fractions and geometry.

Basic kit Rs 2730
Add ons Rs 860

Add-ons for Class 3 - 5

include number sticks and digit cards for place value related activities; and a density kit to introduce concepts in weight estimation and measurement.
Usage School
Age Group 6-10 Years
Price Range Rs. 4001-6000
₨ 4205.00

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