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Activemaths is an instructional package for mathematics in primary schools and non-formal educational programmes. The kit demystifies basic concepts and relates math ideas to daily life in a way that is systematic and enjoyable.

Activemaths focuses on concepts covered in classes 1 and 2 where the textbook is not really essential to the learning process. The different components of the kit are meant to perform the functions of the textbook. Alternatively, the kit can be used as a supplementary resource for teachers and students. Activemaths is equally useful in non-formal education centres for children between the ages of 6 to 14.  

The kit contains over 10 learning aids including number rods, works cards, clock, money cards and addition, subtraction and multiplication cards. Activemaths provides an introduction to counting, measurement, money and telling time. It comes with a comprehensive manual.  
Usage School
Age Group 6-10 Years
Price Range Rs. 1001-2000
₨ 1450.00

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