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Early learning kit

The Early learning kit helps develop important readiness skills such as hand-eye coordination, cognition, math and language skills. It includes free play material for social and emotional development.

The kit contains 12 materials: shape-colour-texture kit, wooden beads, three lacing shapes, a wooden stacking tower, a construction set, an inset tray, a set of 4 animal puzzles, a cloth doll, a wooden kitchen set, go-together cards, a 2-sided conversation picture, and flash cards of common fruits and vegetables.    

The kit materials are sturdy and multi-purpose and can be used by about 25 children at a time. The kit was designed for anganwadis and balwadis and is based on NCERT guidelines. It has also been endorsed by NIPCCD. It comes with a manual in English or Kannada that spells out how to use these materials and make others.
Usage General
Age Group 3-6 Years
Price Range Rs. 2001-4000
₨ 2375.00

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