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Kadhai aruvi: Tamil story cards

A kit comprising 100 story cards meant for reluctant readers. Oftentimes school-going children are exposed only to dull and dry textbooks that leave little room for imagination. All curiosity withers and dies away early in a child’s life. The authors of these story cards have thoughtfully put together a collection that promises to revive a child’s interest in reading and improve her vocabulary and language skills, even as it entertains and educates. The cards are easy for a child to hold and can either be read out by a teacher/parent or by the child himself. The stories are colourfully illustrated, and the font is large and reader-friendly.

The authors have suggested activities and ways to utilize the kit effectively. As the stories are in cards, rather than books, the kit can be effectively used by many children at a time, saving on both costs and space.
Usage General
Age Group 6-10 Years
Price Range Rs. 501-1000
₨ 800.00

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