Deena Seva Sangha was started in 1934, inspired by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, as a voluntary organization to help poorer people in the slums of Bangalore. They feel that education is the most important way to help disadvantaged people find more opportunities, and so today are doing a lot of work in that field. They also conduct health programs and training for the handicapped. With a total staff of 140 employees, including health professionals and teachers, they run 10 schools, three residential homes, two dispensaries and various community health programs, all in the Seshadripuram and Srirampuram areas.

Of these, three are nursery schools – Seva Ashram Kannada and English Nursery Schools and Kasturibai Nursery School. All these follow the Montessori teaching method and charge nominal fees. The schools operate in the mornings, and have a total of 200 children and 4 teachers. When they are old enough, these children can then be admitted into the primary and middle schools that Deena Seva Sangha runs.

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