The Center for Child Development and Disabilities provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for children with physical, mental, language and learning problems from birth to adolescence. Consultants at the centre are skilled pediatricians specializing in orthopedics, neurology, and psychiatry. In addition, there are specialists in developmental medicine and rehabilitation.

In CCDD the treatment of children with special needs is holistic, and the center is dedicated to helping every child achieve his or her maximum physical, intellectual and emotional potential.
Multidisciplinary diagnosis is available for:

  • Developmentally delayed and disabled infants and preschool children
  • Language and hearing impaired children
  • Children with learning disabilities
  • Mental retardation
  • Neuromuscular disorders

The early intervention centre is supported by a psychologist, pediatric physiotherapist, occupational therapist, autism trained special educator, special educator for learning disability, as well as a social worker.
The developmental clinic evaluates and diagnoses children in the age group of 0 - 6 years with cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation and ADHD. Services available include routine developmental screening, screening and assessment of high risk infants, investigations, diagnosis and therapeutic intervention.
CCDD offers online training for doctors, teachers, and parents on early intervention for learning disabilities.
CCDD also organises teacher training in pre-nursery to primary school English and Mathematics. Their resources are available to government and private school teachers, non-profit organizations, volunteers, and families.
CCDD offers a programme for physiotherapists, special educators, and medical professionals to help keep them updated on child development and learning disabilities. The program is designed for participants to learn from each other and share resources and knowledge. This program is conducted on the 3rd Saturday of all the 30-day months of the year.

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