Sutradhar has compiled several directories aimed at making existing resources better known and fully utilised. These include addresses and profiles of groups working with children and in education. They are particularly useful for parents, teachers and non-profit organisations.

Fingertips - a child resource directory for Bangalore

The Fingertips directory was the first of its kind in India, a ready reckoner for child-related services in Bangalore. Fingertips was published as a book in 1999, and went online in 2003. Entries are in six categories: child development, health, education, disability, recreation and support.

Fingertips profiles over 480 services for children in Bangalore. These include non- profit organisations, resource centres and individuals. Fingertips online has searchable keywords and pincodes that help users find information easily.

See fingertips.sutradharindia.org

Early Childhood: A Bangalore directory

Sutradhar initiated the Karnataka chapter for FORCES - Forum for Crèche and Childcare Services, in 2001. FORCES is a national advocacy group for the young, underprivileged child. In 2003, Sutradhar compiled detailed profiles of about 50 non-profit organisations and individuals working in Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) in Bangalore for FORCES.

See ECCD database

Government school improvement: an all India directory

Government schools are the largest provider of services for children in our country. About 50 groups across India work at improving government schools, hoping to demonstrate enduring and systemic change. An effort to list these groups was initiated in 2005. Please contact them to learn more about their work.

See Government school improvement directory

Add an entry

Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to add an entry or update your entry in any of these directories.
Sutradhar accepts entries of established groups that have been working for at least three years.
Please send a brochure/web address where available.
The directories do not list preschools and schools.